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Talking gives you extraordinary insight, but experiencing gives you surpassing healing.” These words came to me as I prepared to undergo Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy for the first time as a client. 

With my clients over the past year as a therapist, I have yearned to go on a deeper level. I have desired to help them heal their deepest wounds and inner self, and yet while I have received excellent results from CBT and other therapies, I felt there was something more that would take them to a deeper understanding of their authentic self –hence my desire to learn Hypnotherapy. 

What is Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy uses a core centered approach to heal the source of individual trauma, beliefs and or dysfunctional patterns. Most individuals during childhood are met with unpleasant situations and then formulate subconscious conclusions about themselves from this very childish mind. Decisions about how to behave are also made at that time, but now as adults are defeating us. These childhood decisions are so intensely hidden that only through the depth of hypnotherapy, not hypnosis, can they be revealed and treated.

When something “triggers” us, it is normally an unhealed trauma or belief.  Our conscious mind often has an assigned engagement in keeping the “status quo,” as the known issue may be less alarming than the unknown healing. Hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious to access and heal the source trauma. Then, using the ample 100% of the brain, you learn how to resolve the issues which have led to this destructive and often deadly behavior.

What is the distinction between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

A hypnotist (not a hypnotherapist) will mostly use relaxation and hypnotic suggestions to address the behavior or addiction. The hypnotist may suggest the person associate a nasty, disgusting substance with the food or drug they are addicted to. This hypnotic suggestion may serve for a few days or weeks. However, if the compulsive eater, say, encounters a situation where someone they love deeply threatens to leave, they are immediately back to consuming their addictive substance of choice. The pattern itself of using substances (drugs, food, drugs, ) to medicate unpleasant feelings has not been changed or healed.

With hypnotherapy (not hypnotic suggestions) -I regresses the client to childhood, discover those patterns and change them deep within the unconscious mind. The new affirmations and suggestions that are created will stick for more than just a few days. 

Hypnotherapy is effective in healing:

•    Trauma and PTSD therapy

•    Sexual and Physical Abuse

•    Depression/Fear/Anxiety

•    Unwanted patterns or behaviors

•    Eating Disorders and Weight Release

•    Trust/attachment issues

•    Smoking Cessation

•    Pain Management

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