Couples and Relationship Struggles


Numerous reasons present themselves to the benefits of couples therapy counseling .

Often at times, a particular situation (such as a loss or affair) may initiate a phase of complexity in the relationship. Some couples encounter a gradual change over time and seek to shift back to a closer relationship. Couples also explore therapy as a preventative measure, mastering useful communication skills and relationship framework principles to avert difficulties down the road. Whatever the purpose is to seek out couples therapy, the goal is quite related in most cases: to enhance the relationship, decrease ambivalence and develop healthy habits to support progress over time.

Couples therapy can focus on various matters, and instill essential skills for improving along the way. 

Some of the commonly approached couples issues topics detail:

  • Disagreement Resolution
  • Parenting
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Affairs / Trust issues
  • Home/Work Boundaries
  • Challenges With Another Family Member
  • Co-Management Of Daily Finances
  • Lost Spark Or Feeling Connected
  • Matters Around Divorce or Separation 
  • Excessive Alcohol/ Drug issues
  • Emotional And OR Physical Abuse

No matter what the reason is for seeking couples therapy, I want you to know that I am here to help. My focus is to help provide the right environment to get you back on track and change your relationship from surviving to thriving.

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