Child counseling through Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a theoretically based structured child counseling approach that constructs on the learning and normal communicative process of children. Play therapy is used for a multiple behavioral, social and emotional disorders with play therapy being utilized as the primary intervention. Since children struggle with expressing their thoughts and feelings--play therapy is a great approach. 


Play therapy helps children with stressful experiences such as: abuse, divorce, relocation, natural disasters, hospitalization, and family deaths. 

It also helps them:

Formulate respect for others, and cultivate empathy

Learn to express and experience emotion

Become more responsible for behaviors and develop more successful strategies

Develop creative and new solutions to issues

Develop acceptance and respect of self and others

Mature self-efficacy and therefore a better certainty about their abilities

Acquire new relational skills with family and social skills 

Through play therapy, children learn a variety of ways to relate to others to be able to modify behavior, manage difficult emotions, express feelings, develop problem-solving skills and communicate with others. Play therapy offers a safe psychological space from their difficulties and allows expression of feeling and thoughts appropriate to their development.   

With play therapy, I can aid in helping the child learn more adaptive behaviors when there are social and emotional deficits. The positive relationship formed through child therapy can provide a corrective emotional experience needed for healing. It can also aid in giving insight to a resolution of dysfunctional thinking and promote cognitive development.


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