Adolescent and child behavioral issues



In a non-judgmental counseling environment without blame, my role is to not only work with the child or adolescent ( age 5-17) , but work with the family to think through the problem at hand to find specific ways to reach better development and health. I will focus on highlighting the strengths of the child and assist the family's understanding of the child behavioral issues as an obstacle that needs solutions and functional strategies.


Some child/ adolescent areas that might be addressed is:

  • Attention, Learning, or social skill difficulties
  • Behavioral difficulties (such as anger, acting out, aggression, conflict at home or                                 school)
  • Relationship and Peer difficulties
  • Experiences of tear fullness, sadness, irritability, isolation or social withdrawal.
  • Fearful behavior that follows in avoidance or gets in the way of wholesome development
  • Encountering bullying or bullying other kids
  • Test anxiety

•    Phase of life adjusting to transitions (following relocation, divorce or separation)

•    Grief issues

•    Experiencing or observing a traumatic event - emotional abuse, physical, or sexual

• adolescent issues that detail self-harm Infliction 


Amy Goldstein MA, CIT, CHT

 Mental Health Therapist 

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